Art Happens

Frieda Linke

Frieda Linke is the artist and owner at Linke's Local Arts in Stayner, the Arts Director for Stayner Library, Founder of the Clearview Art Festival in Stayner, and the current Vice President of the Stayner Chamber of Commerce.

She is originally from Angus, Ontario, but has lived in Stayner for over 20 years and opened her art business five years ago. Like most artists, she has been interested in art for most of her life, but started doing it as a profession eight years ago. Her training consists of the basics from high school, and she is self-taught. Most work is done in acrylic paints, but she does use oil, pencil, pastel and charcoal. Her work has been listed as contemporary realism ranging from landscapes to portraits.

Over the last few years her work has been in art venues around the Georgian and Clearview Township region, as well as Montreal. It has been purchased by clients from all over Canada, as well as Ireland, the U.S. and Azores.