Art Happens

Heidi Light

I have been creating art since I was a small child, and have been exhibiting & selling in numerous venues since 1992.
As a child, art was a medium of expression for me.
Through exploration, I came to play with what was available in my environment— fabrics, woods, pencil, paper, nature. In school, I branched into painting and sculpture. By my early twenties, I had achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Fine Arts and graduate work in Art Therapy.

My explorations continued, and developed into a variety of media including welding, photography, stained glass, bookwriting & publishing, even soapmaking. Today, I am both a silversmith and a jewelry designer. I create unique & one-­of-­a-­kind pieces of wearable art using traditional silversmithing techniques, beading, wire wrapping, and silk or fibre knoKing, woven with semi-­precious stones, freshwater pearls, Venetian glass and sparkling swarovski crystal.
In my studio, you will also find my paintings, photography, stained glass, prints, soaps & body products, and a large selection of precious and semi-­precious stones, which I incorporate into my pieces for their renowned healing properties. The stones, in fact, are the reason I became a jeweler. I have been working with them for healing for over 20 years and wanted to be able to forge unique healing pieces for my clients. Most of my hand-­forged pieces are sterling silver, but I also work in gold, copper, and brass. I offer custom work for those looking for something in particular, and all of my creations are made in my Meaford studio.
I work alone in my in-­home studio in Meaford for every product that I create. Most of my techniques are traditional, meaning that they are 100+ years old or more.
In my metalworking studio, my scrap metals are melted down & re-­used, my stones are from ethical sources & my pickles are non-­toxic. I do not use molds, pre-­production or reproduction techniques, so each piece is truly hand-­built & one-­of-­a-­kind. My stained glass is lead-­free and I draw all of my designs -­ they are all originals. My all-­natural soaps & body products are chemical-­free & preservative free. Each bar of soap is made from scratch & cut by hand in small batches, using ethically-­sourced & environmentally sustainable ingredients. These bars are made using the cold-­process method similar to the way the pioneers would have made them, only with vegan, healthy ingredients -­ it takes almost one month for each batch of soap to cure. In my framing studio, I scan, print & frame my own archival prints, photographs and cards using refurbished ink & recycled papers. Most of my photographs are taken with a 35mm Canon camera. No re-­touching is ever done -­ what you see is what I saw.