Art Happens

Janick Lemieux

 Janick Lemieux is Love.

 She acts as a catalyst for getting people Soul-Naked, and ignites their desire to unleash their pure, powerful truth.

 When asked, “What do you do for a living?” She giggles in reply,

  “I am an Unconditional Love Lover who gets Naked, Soul-Naked that is.”

 As mentor, speaker and writer, she inspires all to leap into their limitless lives and get Soul-Naked too.

 Janick is a certified coach, Infinite Possibilities trainer, energy shifter, intuitive reader, Reiki practitioner and motivational Love-Leader, who ignites powerful transformation by opening one’s eyes to a beautiful, forgotten truth…   we too are love.

 Her story is a story many share, a story of myriad abuses from a tender age, illnesses,  financial hardships, bitterness, and a story of alchemy, healing and rising again, in Love.

 Janick chooses to see past experiences and challenges for what they really are – powerful opportunities for understanding, forgiveness, learning and growth, serving a sole, soul, purpose… To learn to love unconditionally and to use love to unleash the truth of who we are in this world for the evolution of all.

 Whether you are in the throes of frustration, or at the pinnacle of your joy, Janick’s message will get you peeling off the clothes of humanity to bare more of the magnificence you are. Life Coach, Intuitive Artist, Energy Shifter, Janick Lemieux aspires to inspire all to choose Love. She is an Unconditional Love Lover that gets people naked! Soul-Naked that is! Peeling layers and layers of mis-identifications, mis-labelling, she uncovers the ultimate truth - we are all Love. Janick's life been one of countless struggles - she truly is a survivor and has completely turned her life around. From abuse, poverty, misery, morbid obesity, and depression to freedom, health, joy, peace, forgiveness and love! Janick Lemieux moved to Ontario in 2002 and currently resides in Wasaga Beach. She grew up in Les Cedres, QC – a small community west of Montreal – and is fluent in both French and English. Janick’s career as a corporate trainer across North America, second language instructor, military member, and certified life coach, along for her compassion for all is reflected in all of her coaching and art work. Married with 5 adult children, Janick is caring, passionate, and renowned for her outstanding listening skills and to have deep respect for the uniqueness of everyone. She has been on a journey of spiritual growth for over 35 years. “Look Good Feel Better”, United Ways, and women’s shelters are causes dear to Janick’s heart. She has won numerous best speakers awards as an active member of Toastmasters international.   You can find her in her creative studio at The Tremont Annex, in Collingwood, coaching, teaching intuitive painting, facilitating workshops, or leading meditations.

Janick's art could also be referred to as "Janick's Heart" - she paints as she coaches - Soul-Naked. She declares "I don't know how to paint", "I allow what's within me to be expressed" She follows a 13-Step Method, developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, in California. What unfolds is nothing short of a masterpiece created with Trust, the power of allowance, following inner Guidance, and of course, Love. The transformation that takes place in the canvas in nothing in comparison to the transformation that takes place within the painter. Painting truly is a spiritual practice for Janick. Meditation, journaling, seeking guidance from Spirit is all part of each new art work's journey. Janick teaches Intuitive painting in her studio on an individual basis and also in group settings.

Love saved my life. from a tumultuous life, filled with the ravages of alcoholism, sexual abuse, domestic violence, morbid obesity, poverty, and depression - to a blissful life - I have learned to forgive and Love myself, forgive and Love others, including my alcoholic father, my sexually abusive step-father, my daughter's father, and so many others along the way. I have shed 100lbs, and now live medication and pain free. I am an extraordinary Life Coach and Intuitive Artist that not just talks the talk, but I've walked the walk and still do. My art, my body, my life is my living testimonial!