Art Happens

Jayeden Walker

After a childhood of gymnastics and skiing, Jayeden began performing circus arts at the age of fourteen. Her first apparatus was the aerial silks. She soon found passion in the aerial hoop, partner balance, and hula hoops. Now a successful student at UofT, Jayeden finds time to train between lectures and essays; though it is the circus performances which really give her heart a reason to beat. During her time in the city she has added two new apparatuses to her repertoire: looped silks and aerial chains. As a performer Jayeden finds delight in the startled gasps of the crowd as she defies the laws of gravity, and pushes the limits of flexibility and strength in her routines.

Outside of the gym, Jayeden spends her time doing freelance photography and social media consulting. In addition to these things, she also runs her own jewelry company named Vernal Wisdom; crafting circus charms, and nature inspired wire pieces which can be found both online and in stores across Ontario.