Art Happens

Kristin Nunes

As the founder and owner of Aerial Silks Collingwood, Kristin Nunes’ passion drives her to create a safe and fun training environment for beginners and performers alike. Kristin was first introduced to the art of aerial silks while traveling in Mexico where she cultivated her skills with a group of local performers in exchange for sharing her tumbling expertise. She has had a passion for all things extreme since she was a little girl; involved in gymnastics for the better part of 3 decades, rock climbing since the age of 15, and spending many years working as a ski patroller and paramedic in the mountains of British Columbia. With over 20 years of coaching experience in gymnastics, Kristin has transitioned seamlessly into teaching circus arts. She also performs professionally as an aerialist, and is currently diving into the world of theater production.

When she is not in the air, Kristin loves being in the water and spending time outside with her family. She spent part of her childhood in Africa, and continued traveling after graduating from Lakehead University. Before she had her first son, Kristin made sure to try everything she ever wanted to experience, and is now happily cultivating the Collingwood circus community, and bringing circus shows to people of all ages.