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Michael Jack

Michael Jack is a producer/recording engineer working primarily in Toronto and Central Ontario. He's been in the recording industry for 28 years. Prior to gaining his engineering chops Michael spent the early and mid 80's as vocalist and guitar player for bands like Ninth Line, Teyes, The Remnants, Alia Hart and Fallan.
In 1981, while still in high school, he signed up for a ten week recording workshop at a local Newmarket, Ontario studio (Para Sound).​The first time he walked into that studio he knew he'd found his calling.

After completing the course Michael was asked if he would like to hang around and assist on some sessions. This was where the real learning began. By being a "fly on the wall" Michael was able to gain important insight into studio dynamics - technical, creative and personal. He also studied guitar under the tutelage of legendary guitarist Red Shea who played with Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia Tyson and Tommy Hunter.

In 1986 Michael toured much of Canada as a member of the technical crew for Liberty Silver who had just won two Juno Awards the year before.

He started doing his own sessions at Para Sound  and soon began doing the majority of the work at that facility.
In 1988, at the age of 24, Michael bought the studio and changed the name to Sessions Recordings.

Although business was great Michael decided to sell the studio after a four year run and migrated south to Toronto where he began to freelance at several studios. During the mid 90’s Michael took up performing once again with the folk duo “Young Americans” as well as establishing himself as in-house producer for the boutique record label Marshmellow Records where he produced, engineered and performed on several instrumental CDs
that enjoyed worldwide release.

By the end of 1999 Michael landed the position of senior engineer at the legendary Phase One Studios and worked on numerous world class sessions there until 2007, earning several gold and platinum record awards and had many projects reach both the Canadian and U.S. charts. In 2007 Michael was given the opportunity to develop and helm a new Solid State Logic based studio at Lenz Entertainment where he was involved in music, film, corporate and television projects.

While working at Lenz Entertainment Michael recorded and mixed songs that would reach top ten and top twenty status on the U.S. Billboard charts.

Presently he is freelancing at numerous recording studios but considers Phase One Studios his home base.
Other studio affiliations include Area 51, Dynamic Drive and Noble Street.
Michael has also established his own home based editing and mixing suite called The Radio Room.

Over the years his work has taken him to Nashville, Miami, Cannes (France), Calgary, Montreal and Victoria.