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Monica Roe

Monica Roe, founder of Crooked Tree Fine Foods, grew up in Brampton Ontario unaware of the effects her food choices had on her overall health.

Growing up, her family’s staple diet featured many refined and preserved foods containing artificial colours and flavours typical of a North American diet. Monica struggled to maintain her body weight as she transitioned from a youthful athlete to a 9-5 employee.

It wasn't until she had a family of her own and her eldest son was faced with food intolerances that she began to shift her family’s food habits.

Over time their family kitchen adapted new habits and wonderful transformations started to happen! The entire family slowly became leaner, healthier, more energetic and overall happier as unnatural foods were replaced with “nutritional” based foods.  

Planning and preparation was the bread and butter of making their new food habits stick. Monica saw an opportunity to share her ready-made, nutrient dense foods packed full of flavour and real ingredients with others eager to adopt healthy food habits but short on the time needed for planning and preparation.

Crooked Tree Fine Foods Inc. was created to provide a trusted brand of allergy-friendly foods that naturally fuel the body. Healthy Does Taste This Good!